Posted by: innerpilgrimage | November 3, 2009

My Hometown Isn’t Home Any More, But At Least They Have Three Overeaters Anonymous Meetings Per Week

Days until my 40th Birthday: 42
Days of Abstinence from Compulsive Eating: 19

      I thought Halloween would be hard, but it turned out the trip I took was much more difficult. It’s funny how I am challenged by the things I believed would be easy and am not having too much of a problem with the things that I believed would be the bitter end of my first go at abstinence.
      It seems that I am resolved to have a relapse, but I am not. I’m just preparing myself to offer ready forgiveness if it happens and more determination to abstain despite the disappointments and surprises.
      Yes, we all know that the path of life is filled with bumps and dips and logs and pine-cone tossing squirrels and scrub jays. Recognizing that it’s going to happen is better than expecting an idyllic fantasy and getting pelted with nature by nature. I would rather expect to get pelted and be happy that I wasn’t. And if I am, I have a better story for the telling, right?

      Halloween went by mostly uneventfully. I am deliriously happy that I left on Sunday morning to do my road trip because I might have slipped. We had two trick-or-treaters: my son and his friend. And probably about 10 pounds of candy. Well, I used my discretionary calories to have a mini Snickers and a mini Milky Way and two mini peanut M&Ms. And, using my banked calories, I brought two mini Snickers and two mini M&M’s for the trip.
      So, the candy is there, I am here, and I MADE IT! I survived the candy binge holiday.
      Yesterday, I drove all day. And by all day, I mean that I started out at about 07h30 in the morning and arrived at 07h30 or so at night (minus one hour for daylight savings time, which my phone noticed but I and my car did not).
      Well, I had most of the food for the day in a cooler. As I drove, I realized I was missing a few important elements. First, I needed a fork. Second, I needed napkins. Third, bananas from truck stop/convenience stores can be bitter and nasty (I almost threw up one of my fruit servings for the day . . . while I was driving). The banana was the best of it; the apples were well on their way to being apple doll heads. And they didn’t have a peel I could remove to get away from nasty hands giving me H1N1. Not maligning truckers, but many kinds of travelers pass through. And, as women can attest, not all women wash their hands after visiting the ladies’, either. And from being told by the men I’ve known, about half of all men don’t appear to wash their hands after they use a men’s room. So bleargh. If I couldn’t remove the skin, it was not an option.
      I couldn’t handle another banana so I got prewashed bagged apple slices . . . which came with their own caramel dip! Gah. Well, happily the individually bagged apple slices had the apple calories on them and the big container which held caramel and apple bags had the total serving calories, so now I have five pots of 50-calorie servings of caramel that are going to go to wherever (trash, caramel addicts, etc). And I have a couple bags of apples.
      Oh, hey! That reminds me of something I saw on the drive.

[I stopped writing this post because I had to get some errands handled and go to meeting. TO BE CONTINUED . . . ]


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