Posted by: innerpilgrimage | March 29, 2010

A Binge-Free Meal of Gratitude

      A gratitude list is, as I have been shown, a good way to shift gears from the daily physical travails to a more spiritual, thankful, humble place of connection with my Higher Power. So, with that, here is my morning gratitude list:
      1. I woke up this morning. I am grateful because I get another chance to be abstinent today. Yes, I was yesterday, but each day is anew.
      2. I am walking abstinence in a large community. My abstinence is the same as a person who has been abstinent for decades; my abstinence is the same as a person who has woken up and decided to work a food plan for the first time. We are all walking the same road today, none ahead or behind. It makes me consider the community.
      3. I have volunteering today, and I am inspired to do it. I have challenges which are forcing me to work at home on it, but it will be fine to do so.
      4. I have complete trust that my Higher Power will make me strong enough to take on any good task. Yesterday taught me that.
      5. Abstinence is #1 for me today, but if I lose it, I am just going to start over. There is no shame in starting over. Yesterday taught me that.
      6. Today is a beautiful day. Of course, I like sun and rain, so just about every day is beautiful.
      7. My marriage is going well.
      8. I have a meeting tonight.
      9. I am not feeling rushed to work the steps, nor am I feeling uninspired.
      10. I feel pretty good physically today.

      I’m, in theory, supposed to do 15, but I am actually pressed for time a little. Yes, that’s my very solvable problem. I’m about to go solve it.
      My dog is mumbling, making whiny groan noises. Someone needs to go potty and have breakfast. Here comes today’s life!
      My name is Jess, and I am a food addict who has a dog who needs to go potty.



  1. inspiring stuff as always! i am about to do the same.

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