Posted by: innerpilgrimage | April 6, 2010

A Quick Run In and Out

      This is a quick entry, since I have so much stuff in real life to do.

      I’ve been proofreading novels over the last two days and finished this evening. Tomorrow, I am going to use InDesign to prepare it for publication.
      As much as I want to talk about the books I’ve written, in the interest of the tool of anonymity, I can’t. Not like it makes much of a difference, since my first book sold less than 50 copies. This, however, is about finishing something I started. Therefore, it’s going to be published whether is sells 1 copy or 1 million (Hah! Yeah right.)
      Still abstinent, by the grace of my Higher Power. I had a few challenges over the week, it being Easter and all. Lots of Easter candy everywhere, and I realized that Easter was a big binge-eating season for me. Going through this first year of abstinence has so far been an adventure; with just over 6 months to go (HP willing), I have a lot to deal with.
      I think I’ve plateaued, which isn’t that big a deal. While I’m still just under 30 lbs. over my maximum goal weight range, I am feeling positive about it. I mean, this time last year, I was 100 lbs. away and I could barely move for the joint pain and inability to inhale enough oxygen to get the job done.
      I had another loss-of-abstinence dream again last night. I wonder what drove that one. Still tired from yesterday, and it’s taking a toll on my mood. I have a headache and I’ve been having cravings. So, I’m tired, annoyed, and have a headache. Hooray.
      On the character defect front, procrastination is waging a pretty good fight with me. But I am slowly walking toward getting a project done for my volunteering. I’ve put off starting it for five days, now, and I need to at least get the audio down tonight. Just the audio. Tomorrow I can worry about the timing for the slides. I worry about it because I was made fully responsible for the project, but the person who wants me to do it has an idea how it needs to be done. I didn’t get any direction or details. So, I’m doing the project to the best of my ability. If it isn’t what’s wanted, then I delivered what I was asked to deliver. But it is taking everything not to run away from it and fail by default.
      On the service front, I’m getting more entrenched in my two meetings. I have stuff to do for both, and I worry that what I am doing for one might harm the other. But I can’t imagine how at this point. So, I am holding on tight and hoping things will work themselves out as they usually tend to. I appreciate being reminded by my HP that it’s not all on my shoulders. But I am VERY busy, and OA writing took a back seat to sponsoring, service, and my noveling.
      Not sure when I will write again. I have to go finish making my part of dinner.
      My name is Jess, and I am a food addict. The pressure I am facing probably has to do with procrastination. Once I do the footwork to sort things out, it will even out again.



  1. way to stay abstinent through the chocolate infested holiday! so cool to compare where you were at this time last year. take pride in your accomplishments!

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