Posted by: innerpilgrimage | April 18, 2010

A Day of Crochet and Firearms–Maybe I Should Crochet a Gun Cozy?

      I know I don’t often talk about exercising my Second Amendment rights, but I am going exercising today. And yes, someone has come up with a pattern for a crocheted gun cozy. And yes, it’s pink.

      Today is a day where I don’t have more responsibility than to make sure my family is fed and I get to the range to sample assault rifles. This all started when my tween-age son was distraught because it was standardized testing time. I mean, distraught to tears. So, I offered to take him shooting then asked if my husband could talk to his coworker who has a membership at a different range–one that caters to tourists from states where weapons are restricted to the point that the only people who seem to carry these days are the police and the criminals. I came from California, as I have stated before; I am staying in this state and will happily petition and protest peacefully and use my ballot box privilege to keep this state as it is. It’s not the weather keeping me here–it’s the strong sense of civil liberties and pro-business attitude that has made me a convert and the citizen of a new state of residence. Apparently there’s a bumper sticker out there which asks people moving to the state to not change the state to be like the one they just came from. I agree 100%, and I will support political candidates who believe as I do and political action committees which support maintaining the rights of the state to follow the U.S. Constitution as it is written down.
      I own a firearm yet do not carry it on me regularly (Yay, open carry!) because I have not gotten the training to do so. I want to make sure that when I carry, I do so with an extreme seriousness of purpose. To that end, I want to be trained by professionals to know how to control my weapon efficiently at all times. I feel that I owe it to the people I live and work around to be trained properly so what I carry cannot be used against them.
      Well, I gotta go make waffles! I hope to be back later to write later about the day.
      My name is Jess, and I am a food addict. My recovery has allowed me to have the sanity to understand that my responsibility to others is very important to me. I thank my Higher Power for giving me the ability to not only overcome my fear of firearms but to understand that my right to carry comes with a responsibility to carry responsibly.



  1. you’ll have to post a pic of the pink cozy. 🙂

    • The link has a slideshow of it, and I’m not particularly skilled enough to do more than deep-link photographs (which I’ve been told is impolite because it eats bandwidth without crediting the original site). At some point I will set up a photos account (Picasa or Flickr or something) that I can link to, but until then I apologize for my Luddite tendencies.

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