Posted by: innerpilgrimage | November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving or Turkeygiving: Time Will Tell

Holiday Eating Season Countdown: 38 Days

      First, I want to thank the readers of this journal. Yesterday I got 217 reads, the most reads I have ever had on this journal. Thank you!

      Today is the Super Bowl of food holidays. Recovery versus Addiction, and I hope that Recovery wins a second year in a row.

      I got some real insight into Thanksgiving last night at meeting, most of it coming from inside. This year is an opportunity to practice the true meaning of Thanksgiving, where the community has meaning more than the food. Instead of seeking approval from the people who invited us in order to make a “perfect” holiday, I am going to focus on actually being in the social moment. This is going to take a lot of surrender today. A whole lot of conscious surrender.
      The goal of Thanksgiving 2010 is this: focus on the people instead of the food. I will serve myself a reasonable amount and be aware of what I will be preparing to eat early in the day. Tomorrow’s dinner will be high-carb (potatoes and sweet potatoes) and high protein (turkey and lamb), so I need to keep those low coming into dinner. I will probably have about 150 calories of wine, about six ounces. Fruit will probably be near-nonexistent, so I can have one fruit serving for breakfast/lunch and save the second for a tablespoon or two of cranberry relish/jelly. There will be dairy in the veg, so I need to keep that low, too. The salad, which I will take a decent-sized serving of, will be tossed with oil and vinegar, taking probably about another 100 discretionary calories. A small piece of pie, if I’m still hungry will take up about 250 discretionary calories, putting me at 400 for the day with 50 to spare–unless I take a half-slice.
      Okay, so breakfast will probably be toast and half of an apple. Lunch can be crackers with a little hummus and a serving of green beans (about a cup).
      Dinner will be one serving of focaccia bread as an appetizer, one serving of mashed potatoes, one serving of sweet potatoes–three of my six daily bread servings. The vegetables will be salad (a half-vegetable serving and 50-100 discretionary calories), green bean casserole (half a vegetable serving and one dairy), and broccoli casserole (another half-vegetable and one dairy). That takes care of two vegetable servings and two dairy servings. One fruit serving will be about 2 tablespoons of cranberry jelly. Two ounces of turkey and three ounces of lamb will round out the protein completely. And a tiny slice of pie (1/16 instead of 1/8 of a pie) will finish it up, 125 to 200 calories, depending on if it’s an 8-inch or 9-inch pie. And no ice cream on it.
      I can do this. In fact, I probably could eat more earlier then eat less at dinner, since it seems I’d be eating a lot more than I assumed at dinner if I go with that initial plan and would make myself ill with that much food in one sitting. That’s a whole lot of food I’m committing to at dinner. I think I’ll go for a whole serving of green beans for lunch with that hummus and crackers.
      I know, I know. We’re not supposed to talk about food precisely. However, by really examining it right now, I’ve found that it’s not only do-able, it’s extremely do-able. I need to remember the things that keep me strong in abstinence: I can always take a smaller serving if I’m worried, I don’t have to eat everything on my plate in one sitting, and respect the hunger (or lack of it). I can take leftovers from the plate home and have a very fine lunch the next day. Once I’m sated, I don’t need to eat more. And I know how little it takes to reach satiety.
      So, now the focus is learning how to turn away from the plate and toward the company. Well, the easiest thing to do when in a social situation is listen. Jackie Kennedy was considered one of the greatest conversationalists of her time. Her conversational skill? Listening.
      I don’t feel anxiety at this moment, and I appreciate that it seems to have solved itself in time and thoughtful consideration and listening to my HP’s messages on this (finally!).
      I am about to get ready to go to a Thanksgiving Marathon OA Meeting, so more later!

* * * * *

      I found an ascii art turkey, but it looked terrible once I tried to format it here. So, no turkey. Meh.
      I went to the early meeting, and it was where I was supposed to be. A person sat beside me and was having a really hard time. I reached out. I didn’t think about it, like I usually do. This person was suffering, and my inner child, my natural child, reached out. There was nothing more than just reaching out. No motives. That was amazing, to have a moment of recovery like that. To be completely honest to my inner core.
      Today is about gratitude. I got so many great HP messages today at the meeting. I’m feeling really good about it, too. Lots to take forward with me.
      I feel relaxed about today. Really relaxed.


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