Posted by: innerpilgrimage | September 15, 2012

A Small Aside to A Search Engine Query: OA or SLAA first?

I suggest working OA first. What comes up in SLAA is desperately painful, and withdrawal in SLAA is much harder than abstinence in OA. However, what I learned in OA prepared me for the work I had to do in SLAA. Get through the twelfth step if at all possible and get a year of abstinence down in OA first. The SLAA work shakes one’s foundations even as it explains why food became a cross-addiction to cover over the sex/love addiction. Having deep awareness of how program works in an honestly gentler addiction to deal with (I ate as a twisted means of self-care when the toxic love stuff broke me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as a child) also helps.

This, of course, is just my opinion from my personal experience. The abstinence in OA kept me going sometimes, and when I was having trouble wanting to hide from SLAA truths? That’s when my abstinence got shakier–which was, for me, a fantastic up-to-the-moment barometer of the changes happening within.


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