Posted by: innerpilgrimage | January 30, 2017

Tromping Toward 24 Hours

I’m holding to my food plan today, and I feel better already. I got walking in with the dog, a half-hour both morning and evening. Lots of water (and herbal spice tea for when my stomach soured mid-afternoon). I even had hunger pangs today. *That* was weird to feel.

It’s not yet 24 hours, but it’s a couple of hours to bedtime, and I was able to avoid the chocolate sandwich cookies in the fridge–which are getting eaten by others-not-me.

The biggest issue is the milk candy in the door of the fridge. That didn’t call to me as much as yanked me by the gut to partake of it. I can’t even look at it today after the knee-jerk compulsive reaction I had when I spotted it after forgetting it was there.

But I am using previous program tactics, especially my “If I still want it tomorrow yet am not obsessed over it, then I will have some” response to the hard yank of cravings. I like to disrespect obsessive cravings. Anything that generates the same kind of emotional tugs I had as an adolescent does not deserve the kind of attention that will make me be sick tonight and tomorrow. “Just One” doesn’t work for me, either. It’s always more, More, MORE.

But it’s doing okay.

Oh, and the blank spots are potential trigger foods I named. You can highlight them to read it, but they’re honestly named for me. My trigger-foods list is getting compiled already, and I’d like to have it here in writing before I have selective trigger-food amnesia then end up asking myself, “How did I get myself into this much trouble with this food I was sure I could control?”

Not stumbling, not skipping. It’s a day when I don’t feel horrid.

I did weigh myself this morning, my last weigh-in until the last day of February. I admit that it’s a little frustrating having a start date on the 30th, but that’s like saying one’s going to start a diet on Monday. It doesn’t happen. But end-of-month to end-of-month works.


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