Posted by: innerpilgrimage | February 1, 2017

Another 24 Hours

As I prepare to go to bed with my 2-quart bottle of water, I have reached another day of food abstinence.

Serious hunger pangs aside, my stomach has behaved quite well both yesterday and today. My fiber intake has jumped up as I’ve had salads for lunch instead of a random mix of high-calorie snacks and junk food. While I know I’m a couple of weeks out from the clarity from eating sanely, the physical comfort is a relief.

I may have to focus on removing white foods from my diet, since I got a seriously sour stomach a couple of days ago from a single serving of oyster crackers. Despite being relatively lowfat and definitely low sugar, the white flour left me with a burning stomach. That was alleviated by using whole grains, as recommended by pretty-much every dietary guideline out there which has grains as part of a balanced diet.

Below is whited-out and requires highlighting with a mouse, since it mentions a trigger food. I don’t consider oyster crackers a trigger food, since they really are more of a soup garnish. But they could be. Anyway:

I have let doughnuts go without much ado this time around. I can’t even eat a single sugar-glazed buttermilk bar any more. The sugar-salt-fat-starch gang-up is agony.

The last two times I partook of that trigger food, I had burning stomach all day. So, a lifetime binge food is now an avoid-for-my-sanity food. It’s maddening to distraction, and I have a habit of comfort eating when my stomach hurts.

Yes. Part of my compulsion is to compound the discomfort of an over-full stomach with the acidic burn. Not fun.

Herbal tea does alleviate some of the discomfort. Peppermint herbal tea is a lovely curative, no calories, and generally helps. So does ginger tea, but I have no fresh ginger in my home currently to infuse and turn into a gastronomical pain reliever.

Then again, following a food plan does even better than the two teas I just mentioned. However, if one wants flavored hydration, peppermint and ginger are fabulous flavorings. They also help with the weird bad-breath-from-one’s stomach thing. If that’s just me? Hunh. But they are good for you, and I think both taste great. Peppermint tea ices beautifully for the hot months and is fantastically cooling. I haven’t yet iced fresh ginger tea.

Overall, I have been journaling and action-planning and food-abstaining. I need to add more of the tools, but it’s a good start to One Day at a Time toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sanity through recovery from compulsive eating.

Keep being the miracle you already are, please. You’re part of a Higher Power, and I am humbly grateful for such a supportive and caring fellowship.

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