Posted by: innerpilgrimage | February 14, 2017

The Trigger-Food, Emotional Minefield Called Valentine’s Day

So today is what I consider earns special mention as a Holiday Eating Season day despite being weeks past the official Halloween-to-New-Year’s-Day eating season. For a compulsive eater who has to set confectionery on a trigger-foods list, nowhere is safe.

This holiday celebrates shiny, brightly colored, cheery homages to emotional eating. And if one isn’t in a supportive relationship? It can get rougher.

For instance, I spent my relapse post-Valentine’s Day season picking up discount bon bons. When one’s tossed it all into the F—it bucket, 75% off feels better than thin does, even if what was purchased doesn’t taste as good as thin feels.

Beyond that, I hope that everyone has gotten through today abstinently. If not, remember that the longest abstinence any OA member ever can claim is 24 hours–one day at a time. Yes, fine. They can get chained up, but the only day that matters is today.

And let’s split those seconds in the coming days, because we are worth it. We’re part of a worldwide collection of kindred spirits ready to join together to make we weak individuals into a strong fellowship together.

And that is my gratitude for today.


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